Wills and Trusts allow you to better control your assets and how they should be distributed to your relatives and friends. These are formal legal documents and have formal legal requirements to be effective. Our attorneys can draft and supervise the execution of these documents so that they are in compliance with the law.

We are there for you

Our attorneys are available to assist you.

Providing proper legal aid

We are here to assist you not just in creating a single will or trust, but to aid you in deciding which method of inheritance, asset control, and asset protection is right for you.

Advice & Consultation

.Our attorneys can advise you regarding the consequences of different wills and trusts and which ones will best suit your goals

Client ServiceĀ is our top priority

With the complex and altering Medicaid laws, how you hold your assets can affect future eligibility and benefits. Our attorneys can explain how your will or trust will affect your eligibility for Medicaid and other benefits.

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